ARL Custom Collars and Tug Toys
Collars For Our Own Dogs
This is a gallery of some of the collars we have made
for our own pack.
Jackie in her 1.5 in Flag Stars w/ candy red HW Marty
Jackie in her 1.5 in Green Stars w/ blue HW Marty
1.5 in Tropical Blue w/ candy blue HW Marty for Jackie
Mel in her 1.5 in Flag Stripes w/ candy red HW Marty
1.5 in Oranges w/ candy orange HW Marty for Mel
Mel in her 1.5 Yellow Vines w/ Candy Orange HW Marty
Scarlet in her 1.5 in Flag Swirls w/ candy red HW Marty
Scarlet in her 1.5 in Pink Floral w/ purple HW Marty
1.5 in Watermellon w/ purple HW Marty for Scarlet
Jackie's Jack O Lanterns, 1.5 in Martingale
Melody's Halloween Bats, 1.5 in Martingale
Scarlet's Trick or Treat, 1.5 in Martingale
Our Fall Leaves 4 ft leash with black hardware 11-11
Jax's Fall Pumpkin 1.5
Jax in her Fall Pumpkin collar 11-11
Mel's Fall Leaves 1.5
Mel in her Fall Leaves collar 11-11
Scarlet's Oak Leaf 1.5 in marty with candy red hardware 11-11
Scarlet in her Oak Leaf collar 11-11
Jax's Winter Snowmen 12-11
Mel's Wintersong 12-11
Scar's Pink Flannel Snowflake 12-11
Mel's Spring Collar 2012, 1 in Blue Daisy Marty and matching 4 ft leash with candy blue hardware
Isy's 2012 Fall Plastic Clip
Jackie's 2012 Fall 1 inch Marty with Oxblood HW
Mel's 2012 Fall 1 inch Marty with Black HW
Jackie's Spring 2012, 1 inch Orange Poppies Marty with Orange HW and matching leash
Scarlet's Fall 1.5 inch marty with Oxblood HW
Scar's Spring 2012, 1.5 inch Spring Flowers Marty with Purple HW and matching leash
Fiddler Puppy, 1
Jax and Mel Spring 2013, 1
Jax and Mel Christmas 2012, 1.5
Sandy's Puppy Collar, 1
Sandy Spring 2013, 1.5