Autumn Royal Collector Of
Souls at Carnevale 'Casanova'
Casanova's Show

Casanova is out of Jackie's
Monsters litter, born  
August 1, 2014.  His sire is
Zodiaco Zingaro de
Alexoana 'Rowdon'.  His
litter call name was Grimm.

Cas was unfortunately laid
to rest Feb 2016. Necropsy
report suggests rodenticide
poisoning. We are all
terribly devastated over
this loss! Until we see you
again at the bridge, sleep
well sweet boy!
He was Co Owned by
Autumn Royal and
Jeanette Burke and Todd  
AKC WS48376001
UKC P783-369
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OFA Cardiac
Normal Auscultation
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OFA Eyes
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