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CGC  "Scarlet"
Scarlet's Show

This little girl tugged on our
hearts much too strongly to
let her go!  She is from Isy's
first litter, born March 5,
2009.  She is a sweet,
lovable Doaf and is my
Heart Dog.  She is a MegaE
(with secondary nutritional
OCD) survivor!
She has competed in AKC
Rally and has earned her
first leg towards her RN
title! She is a very special  
member of our family.
We tragically lost our girl to
respiratory failure as a
complication of the return
of her MegaE and
paralyzed Larynx . She had
suffered from a loss of
mobility from acquired
Lumbosacral Syndrome in
Apr 2014, mobility which
she had just regained in
October 2014.
We had hopes of many more
years together, even strolls in
the corn field.  Unfortunately,
whatever polyneuropathy
that plagued her with throat
problems had other plans.  She
left a GIANT hole in our
hearts and home, one that will
never be filled by another!!
She was my heart dog and
soul mate from day one. My
only comfort is that she no
longer suffers from her terrible
demons and now romps for
eternity unburdened by a
broken body.
With more love than I could
ever express, run free my
March 5, 2009 -
February 10, 2015

*Scarlet is spayed *
AKC WS29396202
Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty!
Lookin' Good!  November 2009
Week of Christmas 2009  She is now bigger than her mom!!
April 2010 at 13 months old!
16 months old and looking so grown up!!
4A7 C2F 0B07
November 2010, 20 months old!
DOTCORNY Rally Trial 10-30-2010
Hooo Hummmm  11-2010
Hammondsport, NY (Keuka Lake) 11-2010
At southern tip of Keuka Lake, in Hammondsport, NY  11-2010
Silliness at Tanghannack Falls, NY (near Ithaca) 10-2010
Scarlet's 1st Leg towards her RN title!!  9-2010
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January 2012, 2 yrs 22 months old
4 years old!
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Playing with Sandy 4 years 3 months old
October 2013
October 2013
With her Nepher, Fiddler! 9-13
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5 years old!
5 years old!
5 years old!
5 years old!
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Scar and her kitty, Tabby, Feb 2015
My love! Feb 2015
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Feb 2015
Scarlet's final picture
1st steps!! Oct 2014
Oct 2014
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