Stud Service
Our boys are available to outside stud only after all health testing has been completed,
passed, and CHIC certification is complete.  They are only available via fresh chilled or
frozen semen.  We do not breed natural cover to outside bitches.  Our Harle studs are not
available to harle/merle bitches.  We DO NOT mix merle genes.
Shipping world wide is available.

Please see each individual page for details.

Requirements of the bitch for consideration....

The bitch must be fully AKC registered (or equivalent outside the USA).

The bitch must be at least 2 years old at time of breeding.

The bitch must have ALL OFA testing completed, resulting in all passing scores and
CHIC certification (or equivalent outside the USA).

The bitch must be of breeding quality and responsibly bred, with appropriate pedigree.

The bitch must have a good temperament.

The bitch owner must have demonstrated some form of breed participation in some
venue, showing dedication and knowledge of the breed.
We DO NOT breed for "just pets".

The pairing between the bitch and the stud of inquiry must be sensible and logical, to the
benefit of the breed.
We DO NOT breed for designer colors, %Euros, or any other ridiculous marketing scam.

All stud service will be done only on contract.

Other Requirements.....

All puppies must be sold on a return contract.

Only puppies displaying obvious show potential are to be sold on full AKC registration.  
Pet quality puppies must be placed on limited AKC with a non breeding contract (USA).  
All puppies must be placed appropriately and responsibly.

Puppies are not to be sent to new homes before 8 weeks of age.

All puppies must be sold directly to their forever homes.
NO puppy is to ever be sold to a 3rd party, such as a pet store, pet dealer, or puppy

We reserve the right to refuse service to any bitch or owner at any time for any reason.  
Any money paid for refused service will promptly be refunded in full.
All pictures, videos, artwork, & content are property of Autumn Royal and protected by copyright laws.  
Unauthorized copying/using is strictly prohibited.
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