Autumn Royal Bitter Arctic
Blast 'JD'
JD (FKA Glacier) is out
of Isy's 'Winter Time'
litter, born January 14,
2010.  His sire is Kelso's
Darkside Rendezvous  
'Osiris'.  He is a
mis-marked mantle with
a white throat and chest,
as well as white toes and
tail tip.
JD was unfortunately
put down on Jan 14,
2017, at 7 yrs old, due to
an aggressive stomach
cancer.  He will be
greatly missed!
Jan 14,2010- Jan 14,
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a bigger picture
Birth to 1 week
1.5 lbs
1st Suckle
Black Male
1.5 lbs
9:14 am
1 week
2.85 lbs
2 weeks
3.9 lbs
3 weeks
5.25 lbs
4 weeks
6.9 lbs
5 weeks
10.7 lbs
6 weeks
14.5 lbs
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