Fiji Goes To Her 1st Match!

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Fiji attended her 1st puppy match, histed by the Kanadassaga KC, in Geneva NY. She won 2nd in puppy sweeps, out of a very nice line up, and WB, over Meribel, in breed. She handled herself very well waiting around allllll day for a 1.5 hr delay. She was handled in breed by Jeannette Burke.


Fiji Earns Her Star Puppy Award!!

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Fiji graduated level 1 obedience class and earned her Star Puppy Award!! Good job, Fiji!!


Welcome Fiji!!

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Welcome to the team, Fiji!!

Welcome Meribel!!

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Welcome to the team, Meribel!!


Hugh Debuts in Erie PA!! Day 2

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Hugh did great again today at Erie! He got 2nd of 2 in BBE for a matching set of red ribbons. He had a fabulous time, even wacked the judge with that wagging tail.


High Debuts in Erie PA!! Day 1

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Hugh did GREAT today for his very 1st time in the ring!! He stacked great, he moved great, he stood great for exam, and he socialized ringside like the great ambassador he is!!! He won 2nd of 2 in BBE class, and never once stopped wagging that tail! He is just the happiest boy I have ever known! I am so proud of this boy!! <3


Hope Is Off To The Races!!

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Hope had a BLAST at the Genesee Valley Hunt Races today!! She saw horse and rider for the very 1st time and was an awesome ambassador for the breed, friendly and welcoming to folks of all ages, sizes, and quarks. The jokes of “which race she was in” and the usual saddle bits got a bit thin, but it was all worth it to see her have such a nice time!


Martin Shows at Wine Country!! Day 2

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Martin got 2nd in his sweeps class again and 4th in BBE today at Wine Country. Not a big day for the spotty types. :P But we had fun and he showed very well! Very proud of my boy!!


Hope Shows at Wine Country!!

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No ribbons for Hope this time around. She got 5th of 6 in her BBE class both Sat and Sun at Wine Country. She showed like the pro she is, just not the right judges for her. Points or no, I still went home with the best bitch there! ;)

Martin Shows at Wine Country!! Day 1

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Martin did very well today at Wine Country and the GDCWNY Specialty!! He got 2nd in his sweeps class due to some over zealous puppy antics, then got it together and won 2nd of 4 in his BBE class! I am VERY pleased with how he showed today! He turned on when he needed to and got the job done. Once he grows up a little, he is going to be a blast to show! Watch out show world! :D

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