Aston Shows At Brighton NY!!! (FKA Rush)

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Aston did PHENOMENAL today!! He stacked well, SHOWED TEETH without so much as a flinch, gaited well…..!!!!! He showed his little heart out!! So proud of my spotty derp!!!!!!!!!

1st of 1, BBE class

Nothing in winners.


Faith Shows in Brighton NY!!! (FKA Rush)

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Faith won her 6-9 puppy class and got best puppy in breed!!

I won’t mention she was the only puppy….

She did a fabulous job!! The judge for puppy group took a really long time picking…it was really close!!

Lucky’s 1st Show!! Brighton NY (FKA Rush)

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Lucky did a great job and had a great time at his very 1st show!! He won his BBE class, but nothing in winners.