Lucky earns his CGC!!

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Lucky passed his CGC test at the GDCWNY Annual Picnic, in West Bloomfield today!! I’m exceedingly proud to introduce Autumn Royal Winning The Lotto CGC!!! ….and he did it without the benefit of a level 2 class!! So so proud of him!!


Aston Earns His CGC!!!!

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We have a new CGC in the house!! Here’s Autumn Royal Expensive Sports Car CGC!!!



Cas Shows Day 2, UKC!!!

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Cas and Jeanette Burke did really well this weekend!! Cas won another WD/BOW in show 2 today, to give him a total of 60 pts and 2 Comp Wins!! He’s almost there!!

Lucky Shows Day 2, UKC!!

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Lucky won WD over Cas and BOW over Sandy in show 1 today in Locke, NY for his 1st Comp Win!!

He took 2nd and reserve to Cas in Show 2!!

That gives him a total of 45 pts and 1 Comp Win!! He’s about half way there!!

And what a PERFECTLY behaved gentleman!!!

Sandy Finishes Her UKC Title!!

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Sandy won her final win today in Locke, NY, to complete her UKC CH title!! She is now UKC CH Autumn Royal Bring Me A Dream CGC!!! She did it!! Very proud of my girl!!


Casanova Goes To His 1st Show, UKC, Locke NY!!!

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Cas got his 1st Comp Win and WD for 25 pts at the UKC show today, in show 2! He just needs 75 more pts and 2 more Comp Wins to finish up! He showed well today! And kodos to Jeanette Burke for her 1st time in a real show!!

Lucky Goes To UKC In Locke!!

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Lucky did very well at the UKC show today!! Show 1, he won his class against his Uncle Cas and got RWD under Stacy’s boy. Show 2, he got 2nd in his class and RWD, both under his Uncle Cas!!

Sandy At UKC Locke!!

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Sandy did very well today at the UKC show!! Show 1, she got WB for her 1st Comp Win! Show 2, she got WB and BOW for Comp Win #2!! Just needs 1 more Comp Win to finish!! The Judge in show 2 LOOOOOVED her!!!!