Faith Shows At Wine Country!!!

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Very very proud of this girl today!! 10 days into a MAJOR fear stage and she pulls off 2nd in 9-12 puppy sweeps and 1st in 9-12 class puppy… AND holds it together in a very LARGE WB class! Nothing in winners, but she didn’t let her nerves stop her from doing her job! She still got er done! And for that, she gets a higher award than BIS! She entered the show grounds like a cat in a bathtub, and went home cool, calm, and almost relaxed. :D


Cas Shows At Wine Country!!

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Cas Showed all weekend at the GDCWNY Annual Specialty in Romulus, NY. He did very well, and received lots of complements!

Hope Shows At Wine Country!!

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Hope showed at the GDCWNY Annual Specialty in Romulus, NY, 9-12 puppy class. She did very well and presented herself like a pro! She won her class, but nothing in winners (4pt major!)

Hope Shows At Wine Country!!! *Puppy Sweeps*

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Hope showed in Puppy Sweeps, 9-12 mo, at the GDCWNY Annual Specialty in Romulus, NY! She did very well, placing 2nd in her class!! The Sweeps judge commented on how nice and square she is and complemented her structure. She had a great time and showed off her easy going temperament to all those waiting around us!! Exceptionally proud of my Hope!!


Lucky Shows At Wine Country!!

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Lucky at Winecountry on Fri. He won his BBE class (of 1), but did nothing else. He behaved very well! Very proud of my boy!!


Aston Has To Scratch Wine Country :(

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Aston being stupid and slicing himself open with a large splinter after breaking some ceder siding on the patio, from being stupid.

Yes, he’s fine. Just flesh wound, no muscle damage, just skin….. but 7 staples for 10-14 days….. means no Winecountry on Fri for him. At least he’s not breaking the major on sat/sun!