Aston Shows In Hamburg, NY!! Day 1

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Aston did great at the show today!! He was nervous at first (hasn’t been to a show since Rush, June 2015), but after about 20 mins, he settled in and was a very good boy!! Even with what seemed to be every other bitch being in heat!! He stacked well, gaited well, was doing fabulous…. then just as it was our turn to be examined, the place tested their loud speaker and then made a very long, very LOUD announcement. >:( He spooked while the other 2 in the class just startled. Even tho he recovered very well, he got 3rd out of 3 in the BBE class.

Sigh. Oh well. This stuff happens.

I couldn’t be more proud of him today tho. Could not have asked for anything more! :D

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