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Lucky did really well at the Kanadasaga Puppy Match in Geneva today! He won Adult BOB and a Group 3! :)


Not bad for my little Pocket Dane, who hasn’t been out since Wine Country!


Martin’s 2nd Day At Syracuse NY!!

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Martin showed in Baby Puppy 4-6 mo once again, on Sunday! Today, he had it figured out and did exceptionally well!! He won breed (again, only Dane), but then went on to win a working group 2nd!!! ….placing above the boxer puppy who won group on Friday! So very very proud of him!!!


Aston Shows In Syracuse NY, Day 3!

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Aston did well today!! Little busier today than the last 2 days, so had a bit of nerves. He showed well and stacked well…. got 2nd in his BBE class.

Martin Shows For His 1st Time!!

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Martin showed for the 1st time today in Syracuse NY, Baby Puppy 4-6 mo! He won Best of Breed, but was also the only Dane puppy entered. He did very well in group, but didn’t place. He just had the time of his life!! Love love love this boy!! <3