Aston Shows in Henrietta NY –Day 2!

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Aston won his BBE class of 1 and RWD of 2. He showed great, but leaned back as the judge approached from the front while I was still setting his rear. >:( Aston did great tho, despite the inconsiderate judge.

Hope Shows in Henrietta NY –Day 2!!

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Hope won her BBE class of 1, and RWB, of 2. She just wasn’t “on” today after such a long day yesterday.


Aston Shows In Henrietta NY!

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Aston was a very good boy today and won 2nd in his BBE class!! :D

GVKC Henrietta NY

Judge: JoAnne Buehler

Hope Earns Her 2nd Point!!

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Very proud of this girl today! She won WB and BOS for her 2nd point, from BBE!! :D

GVKC Henrietta NY

Judge: JoAnne Buehler

Martin Goes Big In Henrietta NY!!

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I am over the moon with this young man today!! He won WD and BOW for HIS FIRST POINT, from the 6-9 mo puppy class!!! He also took Best Puppy in Breed, then went on to win Best Puppy in Working Group!! Long long long day, and he held up like the champ he is!! <3

GVKC Henrietta NY

Judges: JoAnne Buehler for Breed

Mr. Fred Hyer for Puppy Working Group


Welcome To Team Autumn Royal!!

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Welcome to the team, Hugh Bear!!

Hugh lives up to his litter theme in every way!! He is definitely ‘dreamy’!! He will compete in both AKC and UKC conformation.


Martin Shows In His First Official Show!

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Another great day today, for Autumn Royal at Dunkirk NY!! Martin did good in his puppy class too! 3rd (of 3…Shhhh!). He still had a bit of puppy antics gaiting, BUT I found his buttons today!! He wants more head and a loser lead. That discovery is worth more than the point!!

Judge: Carmen Battaglia

Hope Earns Her 1st Point!!

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Another great day today, for Autumn Royal at Dunkirk NY!! Hope won WB/BOW from BBE, for her very 1st point!! The judge LOVED her!!

Judge: Carmen Battaglia


Hope Shows in Dunkirk NY!

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Hope showed like a pro today in Dunkirk NY, June 2, 2016, under judge Robert Shreve!! She won RWD out of 3! The judge loved her, but didn’t care for her slight haws, so gave her reserve. So close!! Still so proud of her!! <3

Aston Earns His 1st Point!!

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Aston did very well in Dunkirk NY, on June 2nd, 2016, under Judge Robert Shreve!! He won WD and BOW, out of 5, for his very 1st AKC point!! I am SO proud of my silly doofus!! <3