Aston Shows at Hamburg, NY! Day 2

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Aston had a blast today!! He made lots of new friends ringside and just all out enjoyed himself. We got 2nd of 2 in the BBE class, but I don’t care. He had fun! He even got used to the loud speaker and didn’t even notice it by the time we left. I’m very happy with how he did for the 1st time out since JUNE. :D


Aston Shows In Hamburg, NY!! Day 1

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Aston did great at the show today!! He was nervous at first (hasn’t been to a show since Rush, June 2015), but after about 20 mins, he settled in and was a very good boy!! Even with what seemed to be every other bitch being in heat!! He stacked well, gaited well, was doing fabulous…. then just as it was our turn to be examined, the place tested their loud speaker and then made a very long, very LOUD announcement. >:( He spooked while the other 2 in the class just startled. Even tho he recovered very well, he got 3rd out of 3 in the BBE class.

Sigh. Oh well. This stuff happens.

I couldn’t be more proud of him today tho. Could not have asked for anything more! :D


Aston Has To Scratch Wine Country :(

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Aston being stupid and slicing himself open with a large splinter after breaking some ceder siding on the patio, from being stupid.

Yes, he’s fine. Just flesh wound, no muscle damage, just skin….. but 7 staples for 10-14 days….. means no Winecountry on Fri for him. At least he’s not breaking the major on sat/sun!


Aston Earns His CGC!!!!

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We have a new CGC in the house!! Here’s Autumn Royal Expensive Sports Car CGC!!!



Aston Shows At Brighton NY!!! (FKA Rush)

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Aston did PHENOMENAL today!! He stacked well, SHOWED TEETH without so much as a flinch, gaited well…..!!!!! He showed his little heart out!! So proud of my spotty derp!!!!!!!!!

1st of 1, BBE class

Nothing in winners.


Aston–Last Day in Dunkirk!!

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Bad case of the Rainy Day Naughties today!! We got er done with no focus and nothing but drive to romp and play. Wasn’t just us…. everyone was a bit nutty. Lol!!

1st out of 1, BBE class.


Aston–Day 3 at Dunkirk!

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Aston did well today! Very proud of him!! He was a booger for teeth again, despite seeming to get it down outside the ring. But he gated and stacked well! He’ll get there.

2nd of 2, BBE class.


Aston’s 2nd Day in Dunkirk!!

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Aston won 1st out of 1 in his BBE class today!! The judge (Trotter) REALLY really liked him!!!! ….but he was squirrelly for teeth….so no WD.

…This time.


Aston’s 1st Show–Dunkirk NY

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Aston showed for the very 1st time at Dunkirk NY, in the BBE class. He got 2nd out of 2, but showed very well for me!! He wasn’t totally sure what he was doing, but showing all 4 days this weekend, he’ll get it, I’m sure!! Very proud of my handsome Derp!!



Aston Earns His Star Puppy!!

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Aston completed Level 1 obedience and earned his AKC Star Puppy Award!! Now on to his CGC and Level 2!!!

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