Faith Shows At Hamburg, NY!!

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Faith did very well today! Despite being a nervous wreck, she showed pretty well… stacked ok, gaited well, showed teeth, and only tried to sit a little for exam. She got 4th out of 4, but she made it thru and got the job done. For that, I am very proud of her!


Faith Shows At Wine Country!!!

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Very very proud of this girl today!! 10 days into a MAJOR fear stage and she pulls off 2nd in 9-12 puppy sweeps and 1st in 9-12 class puppy… AND holds it together in a very LARGE WB class! Nothing in winners, but she didn’t let her nerves stop her from doing her job! She still got er done! And for that, she gets a higher award than BIS! She entered the show grounds like a cat in a bathtub, and went home cool, calm, and almost relaxed. :D


Faith Shows in Brighton NY!!! (FKA Rush)

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Faith won her 6-9 puppy class and got best puppy in breed!!

I won’t mention she was the only puppy….

She did a fabulous job!! The judge for puppy group took a really long time picking…it was really close!!


Faith Shows The 2nd time in Dunkirk!!

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Bad case of the Rainy Day Naughties today!! We got er done with no focus and nothing but drive to romp and play. Wasn’t just us…. everyone was a bit nutty. Lol!!

Still proud of Faith! 2nd out if 2, BBE class.


Faith Shows For The 1st Time in Dunkirk NY!!!

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Faith showed for the 1st time today!! She won her BBE class of 2 and did really well in winners, but no point. Judge Trotter REALLY liked her!! We will be looking to show to her again with a few more months on us!!

Beyond proud of this girl!!


Faith Earns Her CGC!!

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Faith successfully completed her Level 2 Obedience Class and passed her AKC CGC test!!! I would like to introduce our very first title of the litter…. Autumn Royal One More Miracle CGC!!!

So very proud of her!!


UKC Puppy Match!!

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Faith went to her very first match ever at 16 wks!! She won Best Female Novice Puppy out of 4 bitch pups!! She showed like a real pro!! I’m so very proud of her!!

Thanks to Kris for the In Ring pix!!



Congrats to our new Star Puppy!!

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Faith graduated her level 1 obedience class today, earning her AKC Star Puppy Award!! Good girl, Faith!! We’re very proud of you!!


Welcome to Team Autumn Royal!!

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Faith is a magnificent girl!! She will steal you heart in nothing flat!! This girl will do miraculous things!!!