Hope Is Off To The Races!!

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Hope had a BLAST at the Genesee Valley Hunt Races today!! She saw horse and rider for the very 1st time and was an awesome ambassador for the breed, friendly and welcoming to folks of all ages, sizes, and quarks. The jokes of “which race she was in” and the usual saddle bits got a bit thin, but it was all worth it to see her have such a nice time!


Hope Shows at Wine Country!!

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No ribbons for Hope this time around. She got 5th of 6 in her BBE class both Sat and Sun at Wine Country. She showed like the pro she is, just not the right judges for her. Points or no, I still went home with the best bitch there! ;)


Hope Shows at Albion NY!! Day 2

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Hope got another RWB from BBE again today in Albion!! She showed very well, and we received many nice compliments!! Congrats again to Erma on WB!!


Hope Shows at Albion NY! Day 1

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Hope got RWB today at Albion! She showed really well, but just wasn’t the judge’s style. Congrats to Erma for the win!


Hope Shows at Apalachin NY!

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Hope won her class today at Apalachin, but nothing more. Not a day for spots. :P She showed well and was her normal charming self ringside. She had an enjoyable morning, so all is good! :)


Hope Wins At UKC! Day 2

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Hope won WB/BOW/BOB over Lucky in the 1st show, for her first win! In the 2nd show, she went WB/BOW/BOB over Lucky and a GP4 (of 5) in the Working group, with some very nice competition!! That gives her 120 points and 2 wins, with only a single win left before her title! :D

Way to go, Hope!!


Hope Starts Her UKC Adventure!! Day 1

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Hope won WB in both the 1st and 2nd show, under Lucky. That’s 50 of her 100 pts needed already in the bag!

She also did quite well in show 2, when she was handled by Aunt Kris in breed!

Love this girl!! <3


Hope Earns Her TDI!!!!

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Hope passed her TDI test today at the GDCWNY Annual Picnic! She makes me so very proud!! Now to get the paperwork filed so we can start doing visits!


Hope Shows in Henrietta NY –Day 2!!

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Hope won her BBE class of 1, and RWB, of 2. She just wasn’t “on” today after such a long day yesterday.


Hope Earns Her 2nd Point!!

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Very proud of this girl today! She won WB and BOS for her 2nd point, from BBE!! :D

GVKC Henrietta NY

Judge: JoAnne Buehler

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