Hope Earns Her 1st Point!!

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Another great day today, for Autumn Royal at Dunkirk NY!! Hope won WB/BOW from BBE, for her very 1st point!! The judge LOVED her!!

Judge: Carmen Battaglia


Hope Shows in Dunkirk NY!

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Hope showed like a pro today in Dunkirk NY, June 2, 2016, under judge Robert Shreve!! She won RWD out of 3! The judge loved her, but didn’t care for her slight haws, so gave her reserve. So close!! Still so proud of her!! <3


Hope Shows at Hamburg, NY!

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Hope did fantastic at the show today in Hamburg NY!! She showed her little heart out, and the judge looked at her a long long time. Really thought she was going to pick us….. then we got 4th out of 4 in the BBE class. :P

I’m sure it was a tuff call, the other 3 bitches were also very nice! We couldn’t all get 1st. But Hope had a blast and showed well and behaved…. what more could I ever ask for! Very proud of her!! <3


Hope Shows At Wine Country!!

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Hope showed at the GDCWNY Annual Specialty in Romulus, NY, 9-12 puppy class. She did very well and presented herself like a pro! She won her class, but nothing in winners (4pt major!)

Hope Shows At Wine Country!!! *Puppy Sweeps*

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Hope showed in Puppy Sweeps, 9-12 mo, at the GDCWNY Annual Specialty in Romulus, NY! She did very well, placing 2nd in her class!! The Sweeps judge commented on how nice and square she is and complemented her structure. She had a great time and showed off her easy going temperament to all those waiting around us!! Exceptionally proud of my Hope!!


Hope’s 2nd Day in Dunkirk!!

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Hope went in the ring today for the 2nd time! She is such a push button show girl, just like her Gma Jackie!! Showing her is so much fun!!

Won her BBE class of 1.


Hope’s 1st Show–Dunkirk NY!!

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Hope showed for the very 1st time at Dunkirk NY!! She was a big hit earning her 1st out of 1 in the BBE class! She held her own in winners, but didn’t take WB. She showed like an old pro, making it all look smooth and easy!! LOVE this girl!! Very proud Gma here!!


Hope Earns Her CGC!!!

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Hope passed her Level 2 Obedience Class and her CGC test tonight!! She is such a dream to handle and work with that we were able to test and pass while my back was horribly thrown out. I could barely walk, but I could still handle her easily!! She is such a GOOD girl!! I see a TDI for therapy work in her future, when she’s of age!! Just love this girl!!! So without farther ado, I am exceedingly proud to introduce the 2nd Canine Good Citizen from the litter…. Autumn Royal To Find A Cure CGC!!!


Hope Becomes A Star Puppy!!

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Hope graduated Puppy Kindergarten tonight and earned her AKC Star Puppy Award!! She is a Star Pupil, that is for sure!! Now on to level 2 and her CGC!!


Welcome to Team Autumn Royal!!

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Hope is just amazing!! Beautiful build, beautiful focus!! Watch this girl shoot the moon!!

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