Sandy Shows UKC! Show #3

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First show of day 2, she got BOB of course, no competition today. She got nothing in group against a bunch of seasoned adults. BUT today was even better than S2 yesterday!!! She was still a wee bit squirrelly, but from boredom waiting and not from nerves. She still gave me a little trouble with teefers, but did ok, we got er done! ;) She leaned into me for the start of the exam, but stood for her rear. She even tried stacking for me and actually tried in group, but just to young and inexperienced and bored to hold it well. BUT SHE TRIED!!! She moved really well and I look forward to seeing the pix the camera guy got online!!!
SO SO SO PROUD OF MY DANDY SANDY!!! She just might make a good show bitch yet! :D


Sandy Shows UKC! Show #2

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Show 2 was MUCH BETTER!!! Sandy got WB and actually deserved it! She had a great time and was happy to be in the ring. She didn’t stack too well, so the dog got BOB again….but she enjoyed herself and showed like a happy goofy puppy….that’s BIS in my book! :D

Sandy Shows UKC! Show #1

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Sandy’s very first show ever!!! Not even a match! The silly squirrel didn’t want to stand for exam. Thankfully, the judge was understanding and patient and allowed her to settle. After like 5 tries, she finally stood. I am very proud of her for that! We did get our WB ribbon, but the fawn boy got BOB, needless to say, and the competition win. She did very well for a totally green, over stimulated puppy!! :D


Sandy’s Show Career Starts

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Sandy’s show career starts on May 4/5, 2013 UKC and June 22/23, 2013 AKC!!! Wish us luck!

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