Aston Shows at Wine Country, Day 2!

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Aston won 3rd in his BBE class again today. He didn’t shy for the judge, but he did sit down. :/ but the judge had a fantastic sense of humor, which made showing to him a joy! Aston had a great time too!! Even tho we didn’t get the points, this was a GREAT experience for my quarky green boy!! Very proud of him today! :D


Aston Shows at Wine Country, Day 1!

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Aston got 3rd in his BBE class today, at Day 1 of Wine Country. Wasn’t much spotted love in the ring at all, but he showed great! Fidgeted a bit at the end of exam, but got thru it well enuf. He had fun overall, and that’s what counts. He fell in love with the mantle bitch who got WB (I think?). My boy’s 1st real crush!! <3


Aston Goes To A Fun Match!

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Aston BOB out of 2 and a group 2nd of 3 at the GVKC Fun Match today! Best part, NO SHYING!! :D


Hope Shows at Albion NY!! Day 2

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Hope got another RWB from BBE again today in Albion!! She showed very well, and we received many nice compliments!! Congrats again to Erma on WB!!

Martin Shows at Albion NY!! Day 2

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2nd in BBE again today in Albion. He did better today than yesterday, just too much “teenage boy” going on. ;)


Hope Shows at Albion NY! Day 1

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Hope got RWB today at Albion! She showed really well, but just wasn’t the judge’s style. Congrats to Erma for the win!

Martin Shows at Albion NY!! Day 1

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Class 2nd for Martin today at Albion. The judge was making weird duck sounds to get attention, and it freaked Martin out, so he wouldn’t stand for him. :P


Hope Shows at Apalachin NY!

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Hope won her class today at Apalachin, but nothing more. Not a day for spots. :P She showed well and was her normal charming self ringside. She had an enjoyable morning, so all is good! :)


Aston Shows in Apalachin NY!

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Aston won his class today at Apalachin, but nothing in winners. He did well, better than I expected after how he acted in class on Tues, but from what the judge put up today, I just don’t think he was her type. She liked all the heavier dogs that had more head and bone and didn’t really look twice at those of us a bit more refined. I will have to keep this judge in mind for Martin! I think he would have done well today. But such is life….. Very happy for the winners!

Judge: Cathy H Daugherty


Hugh Passes Level 1 Obedience!!

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Hugh passed his 1st puppy class tonight!! On to level 2!!

Good job, Hugh Bear!!

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