Breeding Philosophy
We breed our dogs for the whole picture,
including health, temperament, and
conformation.  Without health, they are
nothing.  Without a good temperament, you
can't do anything with them.  Without correct
conformation, they can't do their jobs.  Without
the whole picture, they are only as good as their
missing piece.
All of our breeding dogs are fully registered with the AKC and UKC.
We reserve FULL AKC registration ONLY to pups meeting show and
breeding quality, and will designate which, if any, pups in any litter  
that meet this requirement.  Show/Breeding Quality is a projected
expectation based on overall potential by 8 weeks of age, and Autumn
Royal gives no guarantees on specific actual mature adult quality.  
Pups with FULL AKC registration will only be released to
APPROVED homes under a Co-Ownership.  ALL other pups are sold
as pets under a spay/neuter requirement with LIMITED AKC
registration.  This registration is issued only after the spay/neuter
certificate has been received by us.  UKC registration will be available
upon request.

***We DO NOT crop our Danes, NOR DO WE ALLOW
 If you must have a
cropped Dane, please inquire with other reputable breeders or rescue an
already cropped adult or adolescent.***

***We are a raw fed household.  All of our dogs are fed only a raw
diet.  Our puppies are weaned to the Whole Prey Model Raw diet.
We do not feed or wean puppies to kibble!***
Please see our
Raw Feeding page for more info on this diet.

We encourage as much continued contact as you would like; however,
we do require at very least a current birthday photo of the Dane sent
to us each and every year.  We also require that, should you be unable
to keep your Dane for any reason at any time, the Dane is to be
returned to us.  Qualification of any amount of refund for the
returned Dane will be made at our discretion.  Moving, divorce,
"getting too big", etc are
NOT valid excuses deserving of refund.  We
do everything we can to ensure our puppies arrive in appropriate,
Dane ready homes, but we can never expect to be 100% accurate 100%
of the time.  So PLEASE do your homework and be absolutely sure
you are ready for a giant breed dog before you commit to adding one to
your family!  
Our ultimate goal is to produce a litter of puppies that not only
exceeds the quality of both its parents, but also exemplifies the best of
the line for the next generation.  Every breeding is done with the
intent to add to our breeding line through our own in-house keep pups
and through those we 'keep' through co-owns.  These 'keep pups' are
our objective and what we are breeding for.  Our pet pups are simply
the pups that don't quite fit the very stringent requirements and
expectations we have for carrying on the next generation of our line.  
This does not mean that there is anything wrong with our 'pet pups' or
that they are lower quality dogs.  It simply means that we want only
the very best genetics of the litter to carry on with.  Every puppy is a
unique individual, and as such, not every puppy in every litter will
possess the exact mix of all qualities that we are looking for.  In this
manor, every litter will have a mix of 'show pups' that will be held
back for future breeding consideration, and 'pet pups' that will be
placed into loving homes under a spay/neuter requirement.

All of our breeding bitches are bred appropriately as fitting with the
individual bitch, health tested, and OFA and CHIC certified.  We also
make use of color DNA testing, as needed.  We make careful selection
of all of our studs as to accurately match them to our bitches.  This
selection starts a year or more before the expected breeding.  We look
at the stud's whole picture: his conformation, health/OFAs, pedigree,
titles, conformation of his ancestors, puppies he's sired, bitches he's
bred, type of temperament, where he's going in life... in short, his past,
his future, and his present.  We breed only to studs that would
produce a litter we would consider to keep ourselves.  We strive to
breed our bitches to CHIC certified studs with passing scores.  After
we have selected a small handful of possibilities through this initial
search, we will only then look at his genetic color.  

When breeding our Great Danes, we make every effort to stay within
color standards for the breed; however, we will NEVER sacrifice
health, temperament, or conformation for the sake of color.  This
includes Harle x Harle (Harle x Merle) breedings!  Our Harle/Merle
Danes will NEVER be bred to another Harle or Merle, as such a
pairing nearly always produces MM merliquins/whites with health
issues.  This "color pure" breeding compromises our 1st requirement of
health, and we refuse to ever be responsible for knowingly producing a
defective pup!
Something Is Rotten In Harlequin Danes
Should the crossing of color lines ever be made for any reason, such as
any necessary improvement in our lines, full disclosure will be made
and all pedigrees will be marked.  For such litters, DNA color testing
will be completed for no additional fees, for show/breeding potential
puppies only.
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Unauthorized copying/using is strictly prohibited.
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